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Welcome to HongKong Kingbird

Hong Kong Kingbird Holding Limited is a company with a focus in the musical industry. The Purchasing Center is located in Guangzhou, China, the center of the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong. A specialized QC Department strictly monitors the quality of the products, recording every detail along the way, to the satisfaction of our customers. The clients can put their faith in how Kingbird handles its products. The company specializes in, and excels at, innovative designs. Kingbird has clients all over the world through its excellent services and good credits. We hope to create a better tomorrow with you!  

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Hots Products
柯唯拨片集中营 KIWI picks
柯唯五片装精品拨片套装 Pick Sets of fiv
柯唯高级民谣吉他单弦AZH007 KIWI 85/15 BRONZ
KIWI优格丽丽弦 KU-28 KIWI Ukulele Str
KIWI电吉他镀镍电弦 EKN-09/EKN-10 KIWI Nickel plat
柯唯磷青铜民谣弦AKP-11 KIWI Phosphor Br
美国奥罗拉特长寿命电贝司彩色套弦 BRA04 AURORA EXTRA LO
美国奥罗拉古典吉他特长寿命彩色套弦 CRA AURORA EXTRA LO
美国奥罗拉原装进口彩色优格丽丽套弦 URA AURORA UKULELE C
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